“Share your ideas and get connected to help your business grow.” Anyone can start a business. Anyone can share an idea. Everyone needs feedback and a place to start. ALL kinds of business ideas are welcome – from a local cupcake shop to a high tech startup. This is a friendly, supportive place for ALL new entrepreneurs. It’s entrepreneurial! It’s interactive! We also engage in hands-on projects each month. You are sure to leave with a dose of inspiration.

Next Month:

Turbine Flats

February 28th @ 6:00pm

What is Spotlight LNK?
Spotlight LNK is a community event where we foster new ideas and connect them to the entrepreneurship community. Three to four people will present their ideas and then the audience will give helpful feedback. After the idea portion of the evening we will learn a new interactive skill that changes each month.
Who can come?
Everyone and anyone is welcome to Spotlight LNK. People of all ages, community members, entrepreneurs, and brick and mortar businesses are encouraged to participate! All you need to do is sign up on the Eventbrite page.
Do I have to share an idea?
Three to four people will share their ideas every week. Audience members who give feedback are just as important as the speakers who are presenting. This is more of a collaboration than a presentation. Audience interaction is vital, but don’t be afraid to try sharing an idea at a future Spotlight LNK
Where and when is Spotlight LNK?
The location of Spotlight LNK changes every month to a fun, new venue. We will learn a different interactive skill each month too. Keep an eye out for the location and date of each Spotlight on the Facebook page and in the Eventbrite link on this website.

"A Place to Share Your Ideas"

“Spotlight LNK is an awesome environment where you can share your ideas–any idea, really–without judgement and get feedback from a wide array of people with different backgrounds.”

-Randy Hawthorne, Director of the Lincoln Nonprofit Hub

“It’s not important, if your idea is ready or not. All of the other participants can help you get it ready and eventually show you an unexpected iceberg, so you don’t wreck your boat.”

– Vasik Havlicek, Student

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